About Fromage la Rue

Letter Lights Australia

Fromage la Rue was created when illustrator Kane Sullivan decided to make a large letter light in his spare time. In 2009, you couldn't buy an old-school marquee letter light anywhere in Australia. If you did manage to score a vintage light from overseas, the plug was incompatible, or it didn't work at all. 

Kane's partner Sarah was still working in digital production and juggling two toddlers at the time, and after receiving compliments and encouragement from anyone who spotted the light in their home, they decided to start making the lights commercially. Surprisingly, their business doesn't have anything to do with cheesy streets, they just liked the sound of the name.

These days they are busy making commercial signage, letter lights for residential projects and oversized props for businesses who rent out their lights. They can pretty much make anything you can dream up, they work with beautiful long lasting plywood, neon flex, filament bulbs and perspex. 

All their products and fonts are illustrated and then handmade by Kane. Their letter and number lights are made to order, and take approximately 4 weeks to produce. From time to time, there are one-off ready to ship lights available, so always check back for new stock.  

Need a custom light for your home, event, wedding, or business? Hit us up at Fromage la Rue. Based in Northern Rivers NSW, we are Australia's longest established specialist letter light producers in Australia. We ship throughout Australia and New Zealand.